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The growing Brazilian market is attracting always more people willing to work in Brazil. There is already much competition and having a “killer presentation” is  the basis to have the opportunity to stand out from other candidates. We want to be your point of reference regarding to your resume translation to Brazilian Portuguese.

We perform translation services of your cv and cover letter from English or other languages to Brazilian Portuguese and vice versa, providing high quality and cost-effective rates. Furthermore, we provide indications on improvements and style to have a “killer resume” in the eyes of Brazilian HRs. The knowledge of uses and culture of a Country is indeed a key success factor to prepare effective resume and cover letter.

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High quality translation for your resume

We are a freelance translators team and don’t provide works using automatic machine translation. Our translations are performed by a native linguist in the destination language with an excellent certified knowledge of the source language, working in pair with a native linguist in the source language who can support the project, if necessary.

This pair work assures a complete and correct comprehension of the original text, providing at the same time a translation in the target language with mother-tongue quality.

Whatever your field of work, we can help you achieve your goals and advise you, as our team is made of people with different academic background in engineering, economics, sciences and humanistic sciences. We can translate your resume to Brazilian Portuguese in virtually any field, being specialized in Engineering, Sciences, Languages, Psychology and Humanities.


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Our translation services have cost-effective rates while maintaining high standards of quality. Large volumes will have discounts.