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Enlarging your own business means that you have to deal with increased competition. One way to take over is to offer your customers something that your competitors do not have. For example, the tourism sector could be a case in point: the significant increase in the flow of Brazilian tourists is poorly balanced by the touristic offer, which, for the vast majority of cases, provides the website in English only. Other sectors are no different: the economic crisis of the European markets requires companies to seek new customers in emerging markets. And Brazil is the only BRIC country that is culturally and socially similar to the Western countries.

Your Portuguese Translation can provide your competitive advantage: translate your website into Brazilian Portuguese, and expand your market!

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New opportunities for your Business
Website translation

Brazil is in a time of economic boom and the Portuguese language is in the top 5 worldwide, with about 200 million native speakers only in Brazil.  The Internet has allowed businesses to expand around the world simply by translating websites and software into other languages.

Considering the translation of your website in Brazilian Portuguese could be a winning strategy!

The presence on the web is an important resource in the world of business: our project managers and certified Portuguese translators can help to improve it!

A professional translation team

We are a freelance translators team and don’t provide works using automatic machine translation. Our translations are performed by a native linguist in the destination language with an excellent certified knowledge of the source language, working in pair with a native linguist in the source language who can support the project, if necessary. This pair work assures a complete and correct comprehension of the original text, providing at the same time a translation in the target language with mother-tongue quality.

Furthermore, our team has technical knowledge about tools required in order to handle all the process of website translation – from the pre-sales to the delivery – regardless the technological features of the website (i.e. CMS versus HTML static site).


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