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Portuguese technical translation services

In the current global economy context trade relations with Brazil are steadly increasing. More and more companies are trying to catch opportunities on the attractive Brazilian market of industrial goods. We want to be your point of reference regarding the technical translation of manuals from English to Brazilian Portuguese or vice versa.

Your Portuguese Translation ensures technical translation services from and into English of native quality in any area. We are particularly specialized in Engineering, Mechanical industry, Automotive, Energy, Economics and Information Technology.

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Professional technical translations
Professional technical translation

We are a freelance translators team and don’t work using automatic machine translation. Our translations are always done by a linguist native in the destination language with excellent knowledge of the source language and relevant academic background in the knowledge of domain. Frequently, the translator has also worked in the sector of interest.

Technical translation for many industries

We offer translation services for many combinations, being particularly focused on English to Portuguese technical translation. In detail, our core areas are Mechanics, Energy and Information Technology. Here a not comprehensive list of our main knowledge domains:

  • Technical manuals and documentation for mechanical engineering, engines, hydraulic turbines, production systems
  • Technical manuals and documentation for industry, machine tools, welding processes, mechanical valves, processes and machinery for the production of paper, packaging machines, procedures and machinery for the food industry
  • Technical manuals and documentation for electrical engineering, structures and accessories for telecommunication, power systems and control electricity, photovoltaic power plants, wind power plants, gas plants, cogeneration plants
  • Technical manuals and documentation for the information technology, hardware, software, websites, web applications, business intelligence, automation, telecommunications


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