What is Your Portuguese Translation?

Your Portuguese Translation is a team of translators who provides services regarding to the translation and localization focusing on Brazilian Portuguese of text, files and websites for a variety of industries. Translations are performed by professionals in their mother tongue. We do not work with machine translation. We work in pairs: a translator has the source language as a mother-tongue and the other is a native speaker of the target language. Both know well each language. This allows us to offer an excellent understanding of the source text with a native quality translated text.

Why choosing our Portuguese translation Agency?

Our flexible organizational structure allows us to respond quickly to your needs, from pre-sales to project delivery, more effectively than a large translation agency or a freelance translator individual. Not being too generalist like standard big translation agencies we can have the flexibility necessary to make fast decisions and manage projects with agile processes. Also, working as a team, we focus on both customer relations and project management, as in the operation of professional translation. In short, our organizational structure allows us to avoid the drawbacks of typical structures of small or large size, while maintaining a high quality translation service at competitive rates.

Do you offer sworn translations?

At the moment unfortunately we do not work with sworn translations. Our core business is  simple translation from and to Brazilian Portuguese in many sectors, mainly focusing on business translation, technical translation, legal translation, website translation and resume translation.

Which languages do you offer for translation services?

Our main business is the translation from English to Brazilian Portuguese and from Brazilian Portuguese to English. However, thanks to our partnerships with other professional translators, we also offer translation services working with the following languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. In all cases the work will be done by a native linguist in the destination language, supported by a native linguist in the source language. This allows us to offer an excellent understanding of the source text and an equally excellent quality of the translated text.

Which are your areas of specialization?

We are a team of translators with multidisciplinary and different academic experiences. We believe that diversity is one of our biggest assets. Our main areas of expertise are: Business, Economics and Finance, Law, Information Technology, Engineering, Construction, Energy, Scientific, Medical & Pharma and Tourism.

Will the confidentiality of any information be kept?

Your Portuguese Translation and all its partners, including translators and proofreaders, are committed to respect the confidentiality of all documents or media assigned to them. All translators and reviewers adhere to ethical rules of confidentiality.

How much does it cost a professional Portuguese translation?

The price of a translation into Brazilian Portuguese is determined based on several factors, primarily the number of text words, languages involved, urgency requirements, scope and complexity of the text (i.e. technical translation, business translation, localization of website, etc.), source type (Word, Excel, PDF, website , etc.). Thus, the exact price of the translation service can only be determined from the analysis of the text and the situation. We underline that we are able to offer cost effective rates without compromising quality.

Following the latest international standards, the price is calculated based on the number of words. The text used as the basis of recovery is the source text (i.e., the “original” text to translate). Discounts could be offered in presence of repetitions and fuzzy matches.

You will have exact knowledge about costs and you will have the possibility to easily manage your budget for the project. Through this website you can get a quote in a minute filling out the request form, having the ability to attach the file to be translated into our assessment.

How to make payments?

Our common practice is to split the payment in two stages: 50% at the formalization of the agreement and 50% within 15 working days after delivery of the translated document. For projects below the amount of $ 250.00 or 3 days is usual to require payment in advance.

Is it possible to pay via two methods:

• By bank transfer; • Through PayPal, using your credit card or prepaid Visa, MasterCard or other major brands.

For short-term projects Paypal is preferred as payment method because it is faster than bank transfer and allows to expedite the start of the project. Expenditure relating to the payment will be charged to the customer.

How can I pay with Paypal?

PayPal is a solution that provides security and simplicity to make payments on the web. The method of payment is absolutely safe. Your financial data is not shared with anyone and our team in no case will have access to your personal or financial data.

The process is very simple, there are only 3 steps! 1st. Click here and then click the “Pay Now” in the center of the page; 2nd. Enter the deposit amount in $ in the upper left and click the link “Update”; 3rd. Enter your details and follow the instructions.

No need to open a Paypal account (which is free) to send us the payment! During the insertion of your data simply click on “Do not have a Paypal account?” in the bottom of the screen. Enter the data from your credit or prepaid card, then click “review and continue” and follow the instructions.uf

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