Cidade Antlântica: the first planned city in Pernambuco

Cidade Antlântica: the first planned city in Pernambuco

Now that large investments, with an amount over 6 billion reais, are reaching Goiana with the establishment of Fiat, Hemobrás, Companhia Brasileira de Vidros Planos ( CBVP) and WHB the private sector has taken the initiative to plan a new city, Cidade Atlântica, in the Mata Norte region of Pernambuco, one hour from Recife.

This project is launched by a number of private companies including: Cavalcanti Petribu, GL Empreedimentos, Moura Baterias and Queiroz Galvão and it will be financed by the private sector. The companies involved will be responsible for the construction of the new city. The total area for this project will be 600 hectares. The goal is to build a new city with a capacity of 60 thousand inhabitants. This is 15 thousand less than the current population of the city of Goiana. The investors believe that the new industrial developments will provoke a substantial migration to the area.

The installation of infrastructure such as sewage systems, public lighting and water supply will be done in cooperation with the state utility companies. Quieroz Galvão, a large engineering firm, will be responsible for the implementation of public roads. The municipality of Goiana will be responsible for security, waste collection and sanitation.

Next to the infrastructure the establishment of two commercial centers is foreseen. One will be a more regional center, include a shopping, two hotels, office buildings, technical schools, hospitals and a logistic center. The second will have a more local focus including schools, medical services, supermarkets, gas stations and commercial galleries.

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Credits: Netherlands Business Support Office Recife.


Federico Morato
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