Audio translation and subtitling

English to Portuguese translation with audio

English to Portuguese translation with audioAudio and video translation involves the production of a document in the language X based on a sound source in the language Y (for example, audio file in Portuguese ? text in English).

Our team core is English to Portuguese translation with audio, but we are able to translate audio and video files also in other language combinations, including Spanish, Italian, German and French.

People speak differently than they write, so most languages ??use a different style between spoken text and written text. A further consideration is that different languages ??use a different number of words to express the same meaning: French and Portuguese, for example, use about 25% more words than English. The audio/video translator understands the importance of maintaining the translated text of the same size as the original, so that it can easily be recorded in the time available.

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Professional audio translation services
Professional English to Portuguese translation with audio

We do not use automatic translators. Our audio/video translations are performed by native speakers in the target language with excellent knowledge of the language of origin, and experience and specialization in audio/video translation or subtitling, with computer skills related to the use of appropriate professional software.

In audio/video project without need of subtitles we work in pair: a linguist native in the source language performs the transcription, that is, the transformation of a speech in written text. Then, a linguist native in the destination language , performs the translation into the final text.

Subtitling services
Portuguese audio translation with subtitling

Subtitling is a particular form of audio/video translation, as it presents restrictions of time and space which  directly influence the final result. The time constraints are due in particular to the reading speed of the viewer, in order to sync with the audio, changes of a scene or shot; those of space refer to the two rows in which subtitles are to be placed, for a total of up to 70 characters.

The professionals at Your Portuguese Translation use special software to deal with these constraints and achieve a final result of excellent quality.


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